November 2, 2013


Link-Seal® modular seals are considered to be the premier method for permanently sealing pipes of any size passing through walls, floors and ceilings. In fact, any cylindrical object may be quickly, easily and permanently sealed, as they pass through barriers, […]

November 1, 2013

Miller Leaman

Miller-Leaman manufactures three unique filtration products, a patented line of stainless steel liquid filters/strainers commonly known as the Thompson Filter/Strainer, the Helix Screen/Disc Series and the evolution of automatic disc filtration, the Turbo-Disc filter, along with many custom Filtration systems […]

October 31, 2013

Nor’East Controls

Nor’ East Controls—a division of Allagash International—and its line of globe control valves is a young company with a lengthy resume. With customers throughout the United States and, increasingly, throughout the world—and across all industry lines— Nor’ East is proof […]

October 30, 2013


Preso Meters is a fully integrated manufacturer of precision-engineered primary flow elements, serving the industrial, commercial and municipal markets for over 30 years. Preso products include the innovative Ellipse® Pitot tube, the COIN® segmented wedge flow meter, and three unique […]

October 29, 2013

Promag Ltd.

State of the Art Magnetic Liquid Level Indicators are a Direct Replacement for Less Reliable Devices and provide a Lifetime of Safe Liquid Level Indication. Wide Variety of Accessories such as Liquid Level Switches, Transmitters, and other Liquid Level, Mass, […]

October 27, 2013

Southwell Samplers

At Campbell Scientific we have been serving our customers with reliable, long-lasting products for over thirty-five years. In 2011, we were proud to add the Sirco product line to our family of measurement and control products. Sirco Automatic Liquid Samplers […]

October 25, 2013

SPX Flow Control

A global leader in the food & beverage, energy, and industrial markets worldwide, SPX Flow Technology helps customers improve the performance and profitability of their manufacturing operations and processes with solutions enriched by in-depth application expertise and a finely meshed […]

October 24, 2013

SPX Flow Technology

APV, an SPX Brand, provides a unique range of highly functional solutions, systems and products that address key business drivers. SPX bases its APV solutions on advanced technology products including pumps, valves, homogenizers, mixers and heat exchangers, as well as […]

October 23, 2013


Founded in 1874 by Joseph Watts, Watts Regulator Company, as we were originally known, made its reputation by “Setting The Standard in Valve Technology.” During its early days, Watts manufactured pressure reducing valves to regulate steam and relief valves to […]

October 22, 2013


Since 1953, Winters Instruments has been manufacturing quality built instrumentation for all markets that require pressure and temperature measurement. Through the years, the company has grown in size and reputation and is now a leading, global manufacturer of industrial instrumentation. […]

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