• Features

    • Balancing Valves
    • Coin Meters
    • Flow Metering Equipment
    • Non Invasive BTU Flow Meter
    • Self Averaging Pitot Tubes
    • Ultrasonic Transit Time
    • Venturies

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    Preso Meters is a fully integrated manufacturer of precision-engineered primary flow elements, serving the industrial, commercial and municipal markets for over 30 years.

    Preso products include the innovative Ellipse® Pitot tube, the COIN® segmented wedge flow meter, and three unique versions of Venturi-type meters and inserts. With this family of products, Preso can provide a flow meter for any process that can be measured with differential pressure technology, often at calibrated accuracy of better than ±1% of reading.

    Preso also manufactures a line of FM-approved fire pump gages and many other accessories including flow transmitters and test kits.

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